Below are 2 Autoresponders for you to have a look at.
If you are just starting out and never used an Autoresponder,

then may I suggest you start with TrafficWave.

If you are looking to use a more advanced Autoresponder, 

then AWeber is the very best for your needs..
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To my mind, these 2 Autoresponders Companies

are the very best on the market today.


List Builder Central's No.1

List Builder Central & AWeber


List Builder Central's No.2



TrafficWave is especially good for those of you who are starting out with Email Marketing.

This is the one I Highly Recommend you use!

User Friendliness

It has a really good user friendly interface which will help beginners to start with email marketing much faster than any other Autoresponders.

You will find step by step video instructions to setup your campaigns, which makes it very simple to quickly have something up and running.

Unlimited Lists

You can have Unlimited Lists and Autoresponders  in TrafficWave.

No matter how big or small your list is, the monthly subscription remains the same.

Every other Autoresponder Service charge on the size of your list. 

However, TrafficWave charges you $ 17.95 per month, which is much cheaper than any other Autoresponder out there.


The email deliverability of TrafficWave campaigns is really good compared to other Autoresponders. 

Even though I found mails from popular Autoresponders in spam, none of the mails from TrafficWave where ever found in my spam folders. 

You can check your mailboxes and spam folders if you are subscribed to any TrafficWave campaigns.


As mentioned earlier, it costs you only $17.95 per month irrespective of your list size.
TrafficWave also has a 3x10 matrix affiliate pay plan, which means List Builder Central will pay your 1st Month for you, this will help you to build a solid residual income going forward.

Once we have 3 People below you in the Matrix then TrafficWave is literally FREE for you to use!

What's not there? 
TrafficWave has all the features of a standard email Autoresponder.

However, you may not find the advanced features of some of the top line Autoresponders.

Most of such features are for advanced marketers anyway and I have reviewed AWeber below.

Also, compared to the price you will have to pay for using those features, TrafficWave provides you much more value than what you pay for it.




As of 2016, AWeber offers a 30-day free trial. It requires billing information and you have to send an email to support in order to cancel.

When you sign up, AWeber displays the email address you need to use to cancel, which is great since some software makes you jump through hoops in order to find this information.

It's also expanded its Auto-Responder options.

A feature called Legacy Follow up Messages enables you to send a series of messages to all new subscribers.

Another feature called Campaigns offers several ways to send Autoresponders: by day and time, and also based on subscriber behavior or if you tag contacts in your database. You can also pause and stop Autoresponders at any time.

Campaign tracking lets you see how far your subscribers are in your follow up series of Emails/Campaigns and which caused the most unsubscribes, so you can tweak them as needed.

Pricing and Features
AWeber offers month-to-month, quarterly, and annual plans for each of its tiers.

The least-expensive plan, for up to 500 contacts, is $19 per month (or $49 per quarter or $149 per year).

AWeber adds $10 to the normal rate to expand the service to 2,500 users and adds $30 to increase the capacity to 5,000 users.

AWeber also automatically sets you up for automatic billing.

If you change your mind, the company offers a 30-day full refund.

There is a Free Trial period of 30 Days to test out the service, That's a good deal.

Creating a Subscriber List
AWeber lets you manually add up to 10 contacts, subscribers, via a form.

Also, very important, AWeber offers Single Opt-In, which means your Prospect does not have to look for another email and confirm their subscription. They are subscribed Instantly and you can Redirect them to any website of your choice on subscribing.

Each record collects the name of the person, email address, ad-tracking value, and the name of the initial email message the person will receive.

This can turn into a long and tedious exercise for a long list of names.

The import tool is a better choice, as it has a textbox to cut and paste an entire comma-delimited list of email addresses. You can also upload a spreadsheet (XLS and XLSX), text file (CSV, TSV, and TXT).

Unlike Campaigner, MailChimp, and GetResponse, AWeber doesn't have Gmail or third-party integration for pulling contacts, which is disappointing.

You can, however, export the Gmail contacts to a CSV file and use the import tool.

AWeber is for the more experienced Marketer.