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Increase Your Conversions in Online Marketing

According to a recent survey, MarketingDonut, said that 92% of salesmen give up after their 4th sales call, while80% of their prospects say “No” four times before they eventually say “Yes”. What does this tell you? That sales don’t happen immediately. Especially in the online marketing world. You can’t just display a “Buy Now” button on your site and expect sales […]

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An Introduction to Thrive University

Did you know that on the List Builder Central website you can get access to more than 20 different guides, video courses, training webinar recordings and interactive content to help you build your online business? If your answer is “No, I did not know that” you’re not alone. Most of my subscribers don’t, and it’s entirely my fault. I […]

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4 Steps to Email Marketing Success and Creating Cash Flow.

 I recently published a free ebook: 4 Steps To Creating Cash Flow with Email Marketing and the response, so far, has been outstanding! I created this blog post to invite discussions, questions, etc… among our readers and I look forward to hearing your feedback as you put this guide in to action for your business. If you have […]

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list building with trafficwave

TrafficWaveIn my many years of affiliate marketing I’ve seen a lot of programs come and go. Some explode in great surges only to totally disappear just a year or two later.Others are more “blue chip” and weather out the stormy times only to emerge even stronger than before.What qualities do these programs have that make […]

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